Well its real!! the date for the first Boot-Camp at Penrose, Helston was set Tues 13th April. Along with the very first Battle March on the Wednesday of the same week. I guess its just a waiting game to see if anyone actually books on!

The boot-camp was designed to ensure it would be fun but demanding and suitable for all abilities so that people would leave in a sweaty mess but smiling and wanting to get back the following week (hopefully). I had also spend the weekend up on the Mining Trails with Oscar tabbing the trails and brain storming the ideas for the Battle March Program. I am completely buzzing right now!! Nervous … what if no one books on!! but completely buzzing!!

Over the next few days the phone pings with a notification of a booking, then another, and another. A slight bit of relief for sure!! I was hoping to get 10 for the first ever boot-camp but there was a total of 18 bookings, so a big thank you to you guys for booking and supporting the program and pushing yourself to try something new!

The Battle March Program had less numbers which i was expecting as its a new concept … I mean how many Civvies go tabbing around the area with a heavy ass burgan on their back haha. But with so many benefits, from improving energy systems, building strength and endurance, not to mention working as a squad and the feeling of achieving great together as a team i.e the “Battle Fit Family” they soon will!!

So Its week 3 on Monday and its the Launch of 2 new venues. Praa Sands is Monday evenings and is our first Battle Ready Boot-Camp. This boot-camp also incorporates military themed challenges, so not only will you be put through the boot-camp HITT circuit you will also be working together as a squad to complete a military scenario challenge!! Then Thursday is the Launch of the Falmouth Boot-Camp which is being held at the Dracaena Centre Grounds. This is one of our Core Boot-Camps so we are super excited to be able to support more of the Cornish Community in getting outside, getting fit, setting new goals, meeting new people and having fun.

So don’t delay get yourself booked onto one of the FREE launch nights or indeed one of our super awesome Boot-Camps and Battle Marches. You can even take advantage of our Battle Fit Packages which offer great value for money and save you some CASH!!

See you on the Start Line … but remember “Don’t Come Here For Cuddles”


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