Well the website should of been up and running weeks ago but after let downs and broken promises I am building the site myself. No clue but i set the deadline and its now 22:47 and I’ve been going since 08:00 learning as I go determined to get the MVP published by tomorrow morning. I want to get the program designed and circulated so that we can get Battle Fit launched. Its all very exciting but sometimes stressful! Waiting on Cornwall Council for permissions to train in outdoor spaces and now the Covid restrictions are lifting we can all get out and train in a matter of days!

This just makes me even more keen and excited to make the Battle Fit dream happen. Although the thought sometimes overwhelms me and the nerves kick in. My head sometimes says who the hell do you think your kidding. But from that moment after taking Emma Haynes (Battle Fit PTI and Nutrition Professional) on the Hendra Land of Nod Hill Session of Doom (which nearly killed her) i knew exactly what i was going to build. Kernow’s No1 Military Physical Training Unit.

Not just any boot-camp business, not the average run of the mill weekend boot-camp in the local town park. This one would be different this would be build on blood sweat and tears, this one will push you to your max, enable you to achieve what you didn’t think you could. Now get out your head that Battle Fit is only for absolute machines and experienced endurance athletes because its not, its for everyone all shapes and sizes, religions, genders, at Battle Fit we are all in this together!

My passion and vision is to help people from zero to hero, i have the Battle Fit road map in my head from your very first boot-camp all the way to the hardcore challenges of Battle Fit Test Week through to our Battle and Beyond expeditions in the mountains and the fells of the lake district.

I want to help the young people of today both physically and mentally for their first steps on the military career ladder and prepare them for recruit selection and phase 1 training. The Battle Fit Academy program is designed for that purpose.

I want to see that look of joy in people eyes when they complete a 6 week transformation camp after achieving amazing results, feeling a completely different in mind and body.

But nothing comes easy, nothing is earned by not working hard and putting in the grind. So be focused be brave and keep going when you think you cant take another step. You will be pushed hard, you will take it to the next level because this is Battle Fit ….. “Don’t Come Here For Cuddles!”


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