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Morocco Surf & Summit Tour

The Ultimate Adventure Package!

“Embark on an extraordinary journey to the captivating African coastline of Morocco with our Surf & Summit Tour!

Over the course of this exhilarating week-long adventure, immerse yourself in the thrill of learning to surf amidst some of the finest waves along Morocco’s picturesque coastline.

Conquer the majestic peaks of the Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and experience the culture of Morocco’s bustling market places.

Experience daily fun fitness with your tribe and find tranquility through morning sunrise and sunset meditations and mindfulness sessions.

Get ready for an unforgettable fusion of adrenaline, serenity, and exploration in the heart of Morocco.”


Hiking Adventures

It’s Better To Achieve Together!

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our thrilling hiking adventures! Join us as we conquer the summits of Brown Willy in Cornwall, explore the diverse trails of Dartmoor, and ascend Scaffold Pike, England’s highest peak nestled in the Lake District.

Led by seasoned mountain guides, you’ll not only experience breathtaking landscapes but also acquire essential navigation skills and compass work. Together as a team, you’ll navigate through each stage of the adventure, fostering camaraderie and teamwork along the way.

Get ready for an action-packed day filled with excitement and unforgettable memories!

Coastal Adrenaline

Spice Up Your Life, Challenge Your Strength of Mind

“Calling all adrenaline seekers! Embark on an epic co-steering adventure along the stunning Cornish coastline, where we conquer tides, brave waves, and scale cliffs, all while diving into the depths of the vibrant Cornish blue ocean.

Rest assured, safety is our top priority. You’ll be guided and supported by our team of professional co-steering instructors, ensuring a thrilling and unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting memory.”

Run n Trails

Don’t Run Alone, Adventure With Us!

“Discover the joy of trail running alongside a vibrant community of enthusiasts with our exclusive trail running program. Join us as we explore breathtaking routes that wind through the picturesque landscapes of the South West Coastal Path, offering stunning views of rugged coastlines and diverse terrains. Our diverse trails promise an exhilarating mix of challenging roots, coastal paths, and inland tracks, ensuring every run is an adventure filled with camaraderie and fun.

Our progressive program includes routes ranging from 5K to an exhilarating 20K challenge. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or lacing up your shoes for the first time, our program is designed to help you progress and experience trail running in a whole new light. Come, let’s hit the trails together and redefine your running journey!”


Its Not Just a Bootcamp, Its Battle Fit Bootcamp!

Discover the ultimate Boot Camp experience with our diverse range of programs designed to enhance your health and fitness. Drawing inspiration from our core military background and training within elite Guards and Airborne Forces, each Boot Camp session is meticulously crafted to push your physical limits and strengthen your mindset.

With a focus on variety and thought-provoking sessions, our outdoor fitness program stands out from the rest. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned boot camp professional, our experienced instructors ensure each session caters to all fitness levels.

But our Boot Camp is more than just a fitness program – it’s a community at that harness your success, where you’ll find camaraderie and support.

Join us at Battle Fit Boot Camp and transform both your body and mind.