Struggling to get your fitness MOJO back? Or is it time for a completely new you? 

Battle Fit’s 4 week Transformation Camp is specifically designed to deliver that value and for you to come away with RESULTS in both fitness goals and in mind and body. It won’t be easy, it will take discipline, courage and commitment and hard work 24/7, but we know that the Battle Fit Transformation Camp will help you grow stronger and more determined each day.

You will not be alone, you will be guided and supported by our  dedicated ex military Physical Training Instructors plus your Battle Fit Family will have your back throughout the journey!  During the program you work through 20 fun, enjoyable but demanding workouts designed to burn fat, tone up and promote strength and endurance. Our workouts include HITT classes, Strength Training, Energy Systems plus we ensure Body Maintenance and Well-being are maintained and looked after. 

You will benefit from our nutritional guidance and support. We offer healthy meal choices and planning to create a more healthy you and ensure your body is being fueled in the right way. 

We keep your targets on track by testing and measuring performance throughout the program. We offer support and accountability to ensure your goals and targets remain on target for success!!

Rest assured by the end of the 4 week Transformation Camp you will have learnt invaluable training skills, you will have the tools and the strength of mind to ensure that your results are sustained for your long term benefit.

Transformation Camp Fitness

There is a daily 1 hour fitness session everyday of the program. That’s Monday to Friday with a day dedicated to body maintenance and wellbeing. Each session will be varied with a different aim and objective however our workouts are designed to shred fat, tone up, promote strength and endurance! Plus each session is a step closer to you getting the results you want! 

We appreciate the variation in abilities so ALL of our workouts are designed to ensure that you are working within your own capabilities whilst ensuring you achieve results.  

There will be fitness assessments throughout the program so we can test and measure performance. This ensures you are constantly improving and heading towards achieving your goals. 

Rest assured the Battle Fit Physical Training Instructors will push you hard our aim is to help you achieve what you never thought you could! 

So let’s put in 100% every day and be the best you!


Nutrition is key to success both in fueling the body for maximum performance and ensuring you look the way you want in the mirror! 

We will provide a healthy eating guide, plus meal suggestions and our professional nutritional expert will advise on the right battle fuel and MACRO breakdown you need to ensure you personally get the right nutrition for your fitness performance and your body goals

We have a weekly measure and monitor session and as a team we see our results and improvements.  We will personally review with you and make tweaks where required to keep the targets in check and the milestones successful 


Our PTI’s are with you every step of the way, in fact we are so driven by your success we are on hand 24/7 throughout the program to offer help, tips and advice and general encouragement and support. 

As mentioned there are various check ins and assessments to ensure progress is measured and recorded! If we don’t have the data how can we make the correct adjustments to get you the results you aspire to achieve!! 

We also have a dedicated “Battle Fit Family” support group specifically for your transformation camp “Battle Buddies”. This ensures you can all communicate, ask questions, share ideas, and support one another! Remember one of the Battle Fit Core Values is Teamwork!

Location and General Information

Our Transformation Camps are held at Praa Sands on the Beach and surrounding areas. (car parking from any of the public car parks from middle or western end of the beach)

The 4 week Transformation Camp runs Monday to Friday from 09:30 – 10:30

Our next one is Monday 31st May to 25th June!

Book fast as places are limited to 20 per camp and sell out fast.

If you would like to BOOK ON or know more about the Battle Fit Transformation Camp you can send a message direct using the contact form on our website, email: call or message via Whats App 07478050989 or see our Instagram page battlefit_kernow or Facebook page @battlefitkernow


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